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How to Shampoo The Carpet?

Carpets are the charm of the home and it is very important to take care of it. There are various cleaning methods to clean them, one among them is shampooing method. Shampooing is the finest method to clean the carpets thoroughly and deeply. This method helps in removing the bacteria and stains residing on the carpets and even increases the life of it. To enhance the look of the valuable carpets, follow the below-given shampooing procedure.

Shampoo The Carpet
How to Shampoo The Carpet

Carpet Shampooing Method 

  • Room Cleaning:

    To carry this method the first and foremost thing to do is move the furniture out of the room so that it becomes easy to clean the carpet efficiently. 
  • Vacuuming Properly:

    Vacuuming is an important step when a cleaner gets down to shampoo the carpet. This helps in removing dirt particles, food particles and hairs from the carpet.  After moving the furniture vacuum the carpets properly. Make sure to put extra efforts while vacuuming and note down the stains which is found while doing this step. This will help in the pretreatment of stubborn stains before going ahead with shampooing.
  • Stain Treatment:

    It is very necessary to treat the stains before shampooing. Take the solution which is soft on the fabric and tough on the stains. There are specific stains which will be vanished while performing the carpet shampooing. Various sprays are also available in the market for carpet stain removal that can be taken into consideration.
  • Purchasing The shampooer Machine:

    Shampooer machine can either be purchased or it can also be rented. Experts advise doing proper research before purchasing or buying it. The machine should run properly and is well recognised. Before using it go through the manual which includes instructions and read it completely to understand the parts and how to use them. To move forward in this procedure one should know how the shampooer machine works.
  • Filling The Machine And Adding Soap And Water Accordingly:

    Fill the amount of water in the machine which is instructed. There is a line mentioned in the machine which should not be crossed while the water is added. Hot water can be used here as it goes well with the soap.
  • Adding Appropriate Carpet Soap:

    Use an appropriate carpet soap available in the market and add it in the amount which is directed in the manual. It is better to make use of less soap so that there is no residue of it once the cleaning is done. There are many carpet shampooers machines which does not require soaps and cleans the carpet properly.
  • Go Ahead With Cleaning:

    Run the shampooer machine and start the cleaning process. Select a corner and move towards the wall in a straight line and after reaching to the end turn the machine to the backward and follow the same thing. Make sure the machine is inserting the soapy water solution properly into the main areas of carpet and is extracting back effectively. A cleaner should go slow for efficient Carpet Cleaning Methods. In the end, empty the dirty water outside of your place which is sucked. For carpet sanitization, you can follow the same procedure using cold water. 
  • Carpet Drying:

    Make use of fans and blowers to let the carpet dry and do not place back the furniture if it is wet. It takes more than 6 hours to dry the carpets.
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